TrulyMobile Solutions
OPC-to-Smartphone Solutions for Industrial Scale Applications

The TrulyMobile Cygnet OPC Alarm & Event Server was implemented to provide clients of our flagship product, TrulyMobile SCADA, with the full spectrum of OPC functionality (Real-time, Historical and Alarms & Events) when connecting to their Cygnet hosts.

The Cygnet OPC Alarm & Event Server can be used with any OPC Client, not just TrulyMobile SCADA.

Product Highlights

  • View and acknowledge alarms from Cygnet SCADA systems versions 7+
  • Support for the OPC AE 1.10 specifiation
  • Allows for full Cygnet integration with TrulyMobile SCADA bringing real-time, historical and alarm data
  • Connect with 3rd party OPC clients