TrulyMobile Solutions
OPC-to-Smartphone Solutions for Industrial Scale Applications
Data in the automation industry has traditionally been accessed via control room HMI systems and, more recently, web-browser based access. Browser-based access, however, is usually just a wrapper for the control room HMI which, in most cases, makes viewing on a mobile phone impractical. The pages are too big for a mobile display and can be very slow to load. For a large proportion of workers in these industries, these solutions do not reflect the truly mobile nature of their job duties. In a world where the bottom line means everything, having secure instantaneous access to operational data is the only way to achieve this.
Save Time...Save Money
TrulyMobile SCADA allows you to be proactive when it comes to managing your process by bringing the process directly to you. Time savings always translate directly into cost savings and that is what TrulyMobile SCADA offers you.
Universal Connectivity
OPC is a software communication interface designed specifically for accessing real-time, historical and alarm data via open standards. TrulyMobile SCADA (TMS) offers a unified front to all of your different automation systems data via this interface. However, TMS does much more than that. TMS is the premier product in the OPC client space in that it utilizes the OPC specifications as they were intended to be used -- full data, alarm and historical integration to bring you the clearest picture of your process.
One client to rule them all!
The TMS smartphone client was implemented using the most cutting-edge web technologies available. All that is required to access a TMS server is an HTML5 enabled web browser. HTTPS authentication can be enabled to secure your data from prying eyes. No more app store upgrades. You always receive the latest version at the time you connect.
Secure Architecture
TrulyMobile SCADA is implemented in a client-server model. All configuration is performed on the server to which the clients connect and make requests. A mobile client has no direct access to a data source whether it be PLC or OPC; therefore, what they can see and do is entirely in your control. Only people with an understanding of your automation system should be granted permission to configure a TrulyMobile SCADA system.
Rapid Development, Minimal Maintenance
Building a TrulyMobile SCADA application is simple to do with its intuitive HMI and extensive help documentation. Copy, paste, drag-and-drop -- it's all there to make your life easy. Templating allows you to very rapidly test and deploy a large number of displays in a cost-effective manner. If your system allows it, you can create a database connector to your automation systems database and generate your template displays via SQL queries! You can tie the configuration directly to an external database! Update it with a double-click of the mouse! This is a very powerful concept which can significantly reduce implementation and maintenance costs.
Datasheet This document contains an overview of TrulyMobile SCADA and its high-level features
Architecture This document shows how TrulyMobile SCADA typically would fit into your organization's IT infrastructure
Client Usage This document shows how to set up the TrulyMobile SCADA client on different phone operating systems

Real-time OPC Data

  • Connect to multiple OPC Data Access servers
  • Read analog and digital data points
  • Write setpoints and commands
  • No DCOM required!

Real-time Alarms

  • Connect to multiple OPC Alarm and Event servers
  • View and acknowledge OPC server generated alarms and events
  • Optionally, create internal analog and digital alarms triggered off real-time values
  • Built-in Alarm Historian allows you to save alarm and events

Historical and Trending

  • Connect to multiple OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) servers for a more complete picture of your real-time data
  • Create and totally customize multi-pen trends with configurable client-side interaction
  • Built-in 'live-trending' can collect a configurable amount of historical data from real-time updates if no HDA available

Relational Database Data

  • No OPC? No problem! Display relational database data in beautifully formatted tables
  • Limited only by your ability to write creative SQL queries
  • Inject user-modifiable parameters into your SQL for client driven dynamic data


  • Create reusable template displays for reliable cost effective implementation
  • Add new instances of templates in seconds or use built in SQL template generation to create hundreds of displays with the click of a button
  • Create entire hierarchies of displays using SQL queries

Advantages Over Traditional SCADA

Increased Process Uptime
Having instantaneous access to operational data allows operators to respond much more quickly and efficiently to abnormal process situations. This has direct positive effects on the cash flow of the process.
Increased Operator Efficiency
Operators with direct access to the process can plan their days more efficiently by avoiding unneccessary trips, chosing more efficient routes and targeting those sites with greatest need first. This saves operator hours, fuel costs, process uptime, etc.
Less Demand on the Control Room Operator
In many facilities, all control and monitoring actions must pass through the hands and eyes of a control room operator. At times, this operator may not be immediately available. Some facilities are not even manned 24 hours a day. TrulyMobile SCADA can eliminate the delays and dual person cost of having to relay messages through a control room operator.
Increased Operational Safety
Having instantaneous access to operational data inevitably leads to a safer process. The cost of averting industrial scale accidents is immesurable.
Cost Effective HMIs
Replace expensive PC-based HMIs with affordable tablet devices.
One-person Commissioning
If your instrumentation technician can control the process from site, you can eliminate the need for an extra person during commissioning saving hours, phone costs, etc.

Advantages Over Other Mobile Offerings

Display Templating
TrulyMobile SCADA is the only mobile software package which offers display templating. Templating is a must if one wishes to connect to larger field systems otherwise even the smallest modifications to the project will begin to cause costs to become overblown. With templating, thousands of displays can be instantly edited just by modifying the base template. This adds up to huge cost savings in the maintenance of your system.
Configuration Synchronization
TrulyMobile SCADA is the only mobile software package whose configuration can be tied directly to an external database. By writing a few clever SQL queries an entire hierarchy of displays can be generated and will remain in synchronization with the external database. This functionality significantly reduces the implementation and maintenance costs of your system.
Device Isolation
TrulyMobile SCADA is implemented in a client-server model. All configuration is performed on the server to which the clients connect and make requests. A mobile client has no direct access to a data source whether it be PLC or OPC; therefore, what they can see and do is entirely in your control. A client which connects directly to a device has the potential to cause serious damage if the programming on the device is modified and the changes are not communicated to the client. A direct-to-device solution is impractical as an enterprise level solution. Over half of the competetive solutions offer only direct-to-device connections.
  • Hardware requirements may vary depending on the size of the system to intend to implement.

Miniumum Requirements

  • 2 or more CPU cores
  • 2 or more GB RAM
  • 25 or GB free disk space