TrulyMobile Solutions
OPC-to-Smartphone Solutions for Industrial Scale Applications

We've built a simulated gas collection system comprising of multiple wells to give you an idea of the capabilities of TrulyMobile SCADA.

This is just a short list of some of the functionality that you'll find:

  • Turn pumps on and off
  • Change pump modes
  • Change setpoints
  • View historical data with a swipe of your finger
  • View and acknowledge alarms with comments
  • Read and upload gas compositions to/from devices

Launch the Demo (User: demo, Password: demo)

The TrulyMobile SCADA client is a web browser based and is designed on the smaller display sizes of mobile phones and tablets. The client looks best when run in full-screen mode. If you aren't sure how add a web page to your phone's desktop there are instructions in the following link: Of course, the client will also run in a desktop browser.

Adding TrulyMobile SCADA to Mobile Desktop Instructions